Three Prime Evils

When creation was new, and there was only the First, the Creator fled existence to parts unknown. The First grew lonely, and created the beings; Dagon the Liar, Nix the Greedy, and Abbadon the Destroyer.

These three beings chafed at the commands of the First, so with their power spawned another race, the Gods. With their progeny, the Three Prime Evils turned on the First and tossed him from his seat of power. After they had sundered the First to the ends of one of the old planes, they turned upon their creations and each other, and began a vicious war for power.

This war waged for ages, each god creating beings most like themselves. Dagon created all of Scalykind, and all creatures who live in the water. Nix eschewed life forms, and instead went the path mechanical; his chosen were made of metal. Abbadon loathed all creation; he took the path of destruction. Nightshades, shadows, and foul creatures were his domain.

The Gods knew that if the war between the Three continued, they would risk becoming casualties. so they created Man, and all of the other civilized races. Together, the gods and races overcame each Evil one-by-one, locking them away.

Dagon the Deceiver had the power of Lies and Corruption – his whisper could turn even a most devout Paladin into a treasonous rebel. To bind him, the Gods exiled Dagon from all his minions, and sealed in a Voidplane – a plane with one single piece of land, and no followers for him to gain power from. But his prison was the first to weaken; his evil and corrupting influences spread to humanity, and was on the brink of freedom when a group of adventurers lead by Trogdor ventured into his prison and struck him down, killing Dagon. But slaying him had a side-effect – A fraction of Dagon’s power leaked into Trogdor’s birth plane, granting strange powers to many residents.

to be continued

Three Prime Evils

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