The Legion

The Legion is the fist of Four Mile Island, the bulk of their military might. Based upon the design of Sotark – a design from another world, which itself was based on the ultimate warriors of Nix – the Legion is powerful enough to sweep all opposition from its path. Each legionnaire is a mechanical being given life by stealing it; literally implanting the heart of a living being into its chest.

The Legion is adaptable; by studying the workings of other creatures the creator of the Legion – a powerfully smart Gnome named Tink- can add alterations to Sotark, and all of the other legionnaires.

Updates to the Legion:

  • Over-Pressured Increased Paradoxical Body Oil (From Elder Aboleth): Close burst 1, creates difficult terrain. Spend X healing surges to increase size of blast by X squares.
  • Vision Covering One-Way-See-Through Plates (From Greater Basilisk): Immunity to gaze attacks.
  • Sleek Muscle-Enhanced Plating For Sub-Ground Excursions (From Dire Bullette): Burrow speed equal to your remaining healing surge value.
  • Enhanced Vision Apparatus (From Cyclops King): Truesight out to a number of squares equal to remaining healing surge value.
  • Resurrection Module (From Lich): Allows downloading and saving of consciousness of slain legionnaire into new body. Takes a number of days equal to healing surges spent.
  • Trans-Dimensional Space-Warping (From Exceptional Eladrin): Feystep a number of squares equal to remaining healing surge value.
  • Extra Arms (From Girallon Alpha King): Daily power to gain an extra minor action. If you are at a milestone, this becomes an encounter power.
  • In-Planer Communications (From Elder Brain): Allows telepathic communication between all legionnaires on the same Plane.
  • Spikes Implanted In Soles (From Dwarf): Forced movement -1.
  • Flamethrower Implanted In Arm (From Dragonborn)
  • Enhanced Aiming (From Elf): As Elven accuracy.
  • Built-In Chest Mirror (From Halfling)
  • Jet-Pack
  • Grappling Hook

The Legion

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