Locations in Tamaraa
Timeline of Tamaraa
Famous Tamaraan People

Tamaraa is a world that has undergone some traumatic events in its long history.

Split up into three main continents; Tameril, Arcadia, and Argotha, the majority of the history of Tamarra has been peaceful, save explosive moments of warfare. The main political forces of Tamaraa reside in several camps: The Militant Tameril Imperium, the Sea-Faring Empire of Arcadia, the small yet historically important Four Mile Island, the Dwarven empire of Dwarflind, and the tries of Argothian Elves.

Tamaraa was the location of a game of the Gods, in which they put part of their life essence in Twelve Swords of power, and scattered to the ends of the world. These swords led to the destruction and fragmentation of the first Tameril Empire, which took almost five hundred years to reform and coalesce into the new Tameril Imperium.

A metal fist rises from the small island-nation of Four Mile Island, while the vast armies of the Imperium stirs in response to internal rebellion. The Elves of Argotha, formally masters of all they saw, find themselves slaves to the whim of Man. Far across the Sea of Deep Blue, the old Arcadian King lays dieing, his heir a young man with urge to prove himself. The ancestral lands of the Dwarves, mislead and deceived, already answer the drum-call of full war against Tameril. Who will the masses turn to in the coming days?


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