A spark is a latent power born into a very small number of people across the multiverse. This power can lie within anyone. An individual with a spark can live their entire lives without it manifesting, and die easily; however, under conditions of extreme stress – very often a near-death experience – the spark can manifest to protect the individual, transforming the person into a powerful spark-user.

Sparks are links to the Blind Eternities, a bit of power streaming directly from the Eternities into your soul. A spark cannot normally be created or passed on to another being, but sparks can be abandoned if you would prefers a normal life. The spark itself is intangible, like the soul, though it can be disrupted; sparks can be meddled with, such as being prematurely manifested or kept from being activated.

Each spark manifests differently – some might have the power to detect lies, stave off death, find people, be immune to certain things, and even create whole planes. The possibilities are endless. In addition to a unique spark-power, each spark-user can, through force of will, do a multitude of other things, at the risk of exhausting yourself.

Known Spark Users and Their Powers


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