Stonecutter, the Sword of Moradin

Moradin's Blade

weapon (melee)

Stonecutter is also called the Sword of Moradin. It has a wedge driving into a block engraved in white on its hilt.

Stonecutter’s use, like Dragonslicer, is highly specialized. It carves any stone of whatever thickness or density as easily as soft butter. When it is being used to this end, it emits a distinct hammering sound (like the sound of a chisel chipping away stone), which is louder or softer depending on the scale of its use.

As its verse suggests, Stonecutter can and has been used to topple castle walls, but it can be used by artists to sculpt fine art (or even to cut fine gemstones). Like all of its fellow Swords, the Sword of Siege makes an excellent conventional blade in addition to its magical properties. It also appears to be the only sword besides Dragonslicer that does not have a major drawback or any known weaknesses.

In game terms, it automatically deals max damage against any stone golem or creature with the Earth type, and in addition you can use it burrow through ground at a speed equal to half your speed.


The Sword of Moradin struck a hammer’s blow
With a crash, and a smash, and a tumbled wall,
Stonecutter laid a castle low
With a groan, and a roar, and a tower’s fall.

The Sword of Moradin was originally in the hands of a powerful sea dwarf, who betrayed the Party to the Tamerils. In return for giving the sword Shieldbreaker to the Tamerils, the sea dwarves were given a set of islands to call their own, where they grew an empire that has stood for 500 years. The sword was passed down between the Kings of the Dwarves. Until an upstart dwarf merchant challenged the King to combat, and soundly defeated him.

Afterwards, the Dwarven kingdom broke their alliance with the Tameril empire, and joined with the Four Mile Island Empire, where the Sword of Moradin now sits with Lord Ruz.

Stonecutter, the Sword of Moradin

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