Spark Bomb

Weapon of Mass Destruction

weapon (ranged)

The Spark Bombs were extremely powerful explosive devices originally built by the wizard Uwaine during the Scrag Wars, based on ancient Fin designs. They were taken by the hero, Boreas, to the center of the Scrag Hive and used to destroy the Scrag Queen, along with a fifth of the Deep Swamp. The only way of fueling them was by capturing a large number of humanoid souls. Uwaine had argued that there was no ethical way to charge the devices, as he believed that no mortal crime could be severe enough to merit the immortal punishment of being used to fuel the bombs; and that the number of mortal souls necessary to power the devices was monstrous. However, he instead discovered that a single [[sparks:Spark]] was powerful enough to charge the devices.

Later in the Nixian Invasion, Uwaine developed an improved Spark bomb, capable of destroying an entire plane. This device must be charged by the sparks of a number of individuals. It was used only once, in conjunction with the power of the First, and plunged into the heart of Nix, killing his physical form, yet – unknown to them at the time – it was too late, as Nix had placed a part of his consciousness in the pregnant wife of Lord Boreas.

Spark Bombs were later used to great affect by the fanatical Ferrals, against King Sevin’s lands. In fact they took the life of Omnh Zo, the First, the Hunter.

Spark Bomb

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