Soulcutter, the Godless Sword

Soulcutter is also called the Sword of Despair, or the Tyrant's Blade.

weapon (melee)

Soulcutter is also called the Sword of Despair. Unlike the other Twelve Swords, Soulcutter’s blade is a dull color lacking all luster that actually seems to draw light into itself, creating a pocket of localized gloom when drawn. It is also unique in that it bears no symbol or other marking on its black hilt, and is claimed by no God.

When drawn, it projects a field of total apathy that spreads to cover a fair-sized battlefield. Any creature caught within Soulcutter’s sphere of influence immediately loses all interest in life and slumps to the ground in a state of profound depression. They are incapable of movement and take no notice of hunger, thirst, exposure to elements, or even breathing. They will eventually die of deprivation if the Sword of Despair is not sheathed.

The critical drawback is that not even Soulcutter’s wielder is spared this effect. In fact, once they draw the weapon, they cannot find the motivation to sheathe the Sword, making the choice to use the Sword of Despair the last one they make. If by some extreme intervention, like a person bearing Shieldbreaker entering the scene and covering the cursed Blade, Soulcutter’s possessor will have aged at an extremely advanced rate, and still suffer severe long-term depression.

Holding any of the other God-Swords gives its user a minimal amount of protection – they get a saving through vs the effect, where anyone else automatically succumbs to it. One sword for sure – Shieldbreaker – gave total protection against it.


The Godless Blade no blood hath spilled
But doth the spirit carve
Soulcutter hath no body killed
But many left to starve.

Soulcutter has also been drawn to counteract the Mindsword’s influence by Malachai, and it should be noted that Soulcutter “prevailed” in the sense that while the fanaticism of the Mindsword’s wielder – the King of Tameril – and his followers were somewhat shielded from the worst of Soulcutter’s effects, eventually even they were defeated by despair.

When Malachai, victorious over the last army of Tameril, reached down and grabbed the Mindsword while holding Soulcutter, a backlash of god-energy burst forth, and leveled the Four Winds, corrupting the city for hundreds of years with chaotic power. The sword was not seen since, until three moons ago when word reached the party through the Lady Hull that a God-Sword has fallen from the sky onto the small hamlet of Hope.

Traveling there, Malachai and Sotark entered the field of the blade’s power. Within moments, Malachai lay dead on the ground, and it was revealed that the Legion was immune to the Sword’s affect. But the unsheathed, unattended, sword’s power had a twisting effect on the hamlet; it turned the villagers into a cogolmeration of undead known as the Lost Village.

Showing the prowess of the Legion, Sotark managed to defeat the Lost Village, and claim the sword for Four Mile Island. When he turned to the body of Malachai, he saw the dead man rise, ice-blue power flowing from his eyes; his spark had activated, and returned him to life!

Soulcutter, the Godless Sword

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