Dragonslicer, Melora's Blade

weapon (melee)

The Sword of Heroes, as Dragonslicer is known, is certainly one of the least-feared Swords… one of those least feared by humans, that is. Its magic is very specialized: any strike against a Dragon will deal maximum damage.


Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, how d’you slay?
Reaching for the heart in behind the scales.
Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, where d’you stay?
In the belly of the giant that Melora’s Blade impales.

Originally bestowed upon Melora’s greatest hero, Malachai, the sword has been used to great affect by the sword-wielding mage. When Malachai disappeared in the Last Battle of The Four Winds, the sword was presumed lost, until it was revealed to be under the watch of the Lava Dragon Imixiandaxia, and his tribe of dragonborn living in the Far Desert.

Within moments of arrival, the dragon lay dead at the Party’s feet and the horde of the dragon – including Dragonslicer – being claimed by the party.

Dragonslicer, Melora's Blade

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