Coinspinner, the Sword of Avandra

Avandra's Blade

weapon (melee)

Coinspinner is also called the Sword of Avandra , and less frequently, the Sword of Chance. It has a pair of dice engraved in white on its hilt.

Coinspinner gives its holder good luck, and brings misfortune on anyone trying to harm or hinder its current possessor. However, the Sword of Chance is the most unpredictable of all the Swords, having the habit of leaving its owner when they need it most.

Coinspinner seems to be endowed with a limited form of intelligence. Should one take one’s eyes off of it, Coinspinner can teleport to a new destination and a new owner. The Sword is capable of generating distractions to achieve this purpose.

While a person holds Coinspinner, they are blessed with supernatural good luck. If they play poker, every hand wins. If they walk a tightrope, they would not fall, and if they did fall, one can be sure that the fall would somehow not harm them, and result in a personal profit.

Often Coinspinner will create a rebound effect of bad luck to its former owner after it leaves. Therefore, Coinspinner serves as a wild card, making total control of the Swords of Power an impossible proposition.


Who holds Coinspinner knows good odds
Whichever move he make.
But the Sword of Avandra, to please the gods
Slips from him like a snake.

Invited to take part in the Grand Game of the Gods, Avandra imbued her sword with ultimate luck, and sent it into the world. Since that fateful day, it has traveled hands across the world. It ended up in the hands of a dwarven pirate who fell at the blade of the hero Ruze. Ruze managed to take hold of it and use it to good effect, before it disappeared to the ends of the lands.

Its current whereabouts are not known.

Coinspinner, the Sword of Avandra

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