The Epic Campaign

The Argothian Speech

A Speech by Scaramouche Porter, Page Boy

Today we stand on the precipice of a dangerous chasm. Tyranny in the guise of ‘unity’ has enshrouded all of Tameril. The rise of the Imperium – based supposedly on mutual protection of its base members – has resulted in the loss of sovereignty, nay freedom, for all corners of the land. To counter-balance this affront to liberty everywhere, the Lord Protector of Four-Mile Island, Lord Ruz, Champion of the People for the People,has henceforth declared the Colony of Argotha a free and sovereign state.

To facilitate the liberation of the new Empire of Argotha, the Lady of Four-Mile Island, Charity de la Hull will forevermore be known as Queen Hull of Argotha.

There are times in which tradition should be held in the highest regard, and times when ‘tradition’ merely means ‘antiquated.’ To this end, Lord Ruz regretfully announces the dissolution of the Council of Four-Mile Island. This he does with a heavy heart, and an eye on the past; for without the Council’s guidance, this great state would not be what it is today. Strong!

While keeping an eye on the past, the Lord Protect is yet keeping an eye on the future, trained on danger that looms nearby. Gone are the days where the slow reacting council was practical to rule the country. In his wisdom, Lord Ruz, now known as Grand Primier, will lead Four-Mile Empire into the future. Into prosperity. Into VICTORY!



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