The Epic Campaign

Campaign Notes CS91

I lead a glorious battle this day. Target was a King of Summer. How can an elf have such a short reign? Three months is hardly enough time to bring glory to yourself. The ways of the elves are odd, however they make decent wine. It is good for getting the dirt off my exoskeleton, and causes a slight feeling of euphoria. The Target hid behind his own son. What kind of being hides himself behind others? There is no shame to leading an army, but poking them in the rear is dishonorable. These savage creatures would send their own children to die in their place. It is glorious to be in battle, not let others fight for you. (Interesting side note: There are trees in Argotha that seem to be alive and able to fire bows. I would have remained unharmed from this charge if not for those trees. I must make a note to slay them latter.) The elf I captured alive. Well I’m told he is an eladrin, but I don’t see the difference. Can he comprehend what will happen to him, does he know the great sacrifice he is making in the name of War? He will contribute to the talents of the greatest fighters so that they may make war!! Bane be praised, that I might lend a hand in his return upon the greatest battlefield ever. Ruz must be a great battlefield commander, knowing that I was able to handle the King of Summer and his butt prodiness, he led the other machini to victory. Surely he will lead us to great vicious slaughters.

We found a floating City. I’m certain we can claim it. There seems to be tall pink squishy things that have taken over the city. They make a strange slurping noise when i hit them with an axe. I didn’t have time to investigate further into this noise as the coward ran from battle before it was joined in full. If I see him again I shall kill him for daring to run from me.



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