The Epic Campaign

Behold! A New Dawn Rises

nevermind; it's just a floating city

Behold the return of once lost Triskailion, floating ponderously about our fair city. Our mighty leader has won for us this day a great victory. With all the knowledge contained within its walls, and the fealty of its leaders Four Mile Island shall rise even faster towards the heavens. This discovery will be heralded across the land for centuries to come as the moment that Four Mile Island irrefutably eclipsed the onerous Tameril Imperium.

I have personally spoken with many of the gnomish citizens of Triskailion about their recent plight, getting the words from the dragon’s mouth as it were. Their story, at least prior to the arrival of High King Ruz, is a sad tale of anguish and heartache. Their once grand city had fallen far from the heights at which it once soared—both figuratively and literally. It was during this, their time of greatest woe, that terrible creatures from the bowls of the earth took from them their greatest possessions. These horrible illithids took not just their homes, inventions and the city itself, but also the very mind and will of the citizens.

For years this tragedy was allowed to continue, during what is now known among the people as the “time of loss”. It seems that with all of their brilliance and cunning, the mind flayers were unable to operate their new prize, and their mind reamed servants were of no help. For far longer than the tentacled horrors desired, they spent their time struggling to discover the secret to the gnome’s jewel. First years, then decades and centuries passed as the aberrations poked and prodded in an attempt to gain control of the floating city.

When the mind flayers finally achieved their long desired result they set out to collect more of their kind and build an alliance with the horrible drow. Together these races of evil plotted and schemed, trying to decide how best to conquer the world. They finally stumbled, quite accidentally, onto a plan when Lord Ruz returned to take command over Four Mile Island. Their target was set. With a plan set firmly in their twisted minds the illithids began their nefarious strategy.

But they had miscalculated. Their plan, admittedly brilliant by the standards of such a weak race, involved the capture or outright murder of King Ruz. As all wise citizens of Four Mile Island know, such outrageous plans must always fail. King Ruz willingly fell into their trap, presenting himself oh-so-willingly to them. This was of course simply our great leaders own ingenious plan. Why slaughter your way through hoards of tentacled minions when the fools will simply present you to their overconfident leader? His target in sight, our majestic eminence mercilessly slew all, cutting the elder brain down with nary a thought.

The remaining army, surging up through the caverns beneath the island, were completely unaware of the doom that was about to befall them. The Legion, having just disposed of several hundred hidden mind slaves within the city, were almost upon them. Those fabulous men of metal stood defiantly in the approaching armies path, and the drow broke upon them like a waves crashing upon a cliff side. Even at this very moment the Legion pursues the remaining ebony fools through the twisting tunnels of the Underdark. The spider kissers believe that they can hid from King Ruz’s loyal soldiers, that their knowledge of the caverns and tunnels will save them. What they have forgotten is that the Legion needs no rest, they never tire, and they are relentless in the pursuit of their objective.

Now that their city is free from the burdens of slavery, and with the help of King Ruz’s hand-picked master artifer—Tink, crafter of the Legion, builder of the mighty airship—the gnome’s of Triskailion can once again begin to rebuild their society. In time, and with the gentle guiding hand of our beatific ruler, they shall once again be a domain of wonder and invention. And with the protection afforded by Four Mile Island and her allies, Arcadia, Argotha and Dwarflind, never again shall her people have to suffer the humiliation and denigration that they have faced these past millennia.

Now go forth, people of Four Mile Island, with heads held high. Your fair nation is the jewel of all the world, and shall receive the rewards for being such shortly, when the World’s Meet begins.




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